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University of Ibadan Zoo
13 Dec

Tourist Attraction in Ibadan- University of Ibadan Zoo

The University of Ibadan Zoo is a top class relaxation centre for friends and families. With a wide range of wildlife from reptiles to carnivores, University of Ibadan zoo gives you a lasting soothing memory.

University of Ibadan Zoo was established in the year 1948 primarily as Menagerie to support teaching and research in the Department of Zoology. It became a fully fledged zoo in the year 1974.

The zoo enjoys animpressive number of visitors year in year out. It was primarily established to support the department of zoology in its research and education but the zoo hasgone on to serve more than that purpose.

The zoo has section for mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and has wildlife that will wow and amaze you.

What make University of Ibadan stand out as one ofthe best tourist attractions in Ibadan is its large trees that provides shade for your pleasure. Its ambience is second to none.

The zoo isn’t just all about wildlife, it also serves as a perfect destination for family and group picnics. The stores at the zoo premise provide visitors with delicious delicacies and snacks that make every visit a worthwhile one. Imagine munching on the tasty dish while feeding your eyes with beautiful scene and sight.

With a gate fee of just N500 naira per person, the zoo is welcome to all and sundry.

I must tell you that the zoo is open all days of the week between 8 am to 6.30pm daily. So you have enough time to have a memorable time.

One more little secret, University of Ibadan Zoo has spacious parking lot to accommodate as many guests as possible and there are security men on guard 247. You see why you enjoy an awesome experience with just N500.

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